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The Wing Chun forms – A brief overview

by David Peterson

As an instructor and communicator of the martial arts, specifically the ‘Wong Shun Leung Method’ of Wing Chun Gung-fu, it is very important to be able to explain the art and present its concepts in as succinct a way as possible. This is of course to ensure that each and every student can gain a Read more..

‘Muk Yan Jong’ Wing Chun’s Wooden Warrior

By David Peterson

*** This article was published in the USA-based ‘Masters’ magazine (Spring 2010 issue) ***

Whilst not unique to the Wing Chun system, the ‘Muk Yan Jong’ or “wooden man pile” is an important component of this famous southern Chinese martial art. The construction of “wooden dummies” in other Chinese systems may vary in shape, number and length of arms, and a range of other aspects, but it is generally Read more..

Break it Down with David Peterson

Wing Chun’s ‘Soh Sau’ Technique

David Peterson

*** Published 'Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine' (Aust) Vol.19/No.7, July 2005 ***

‘Melbourne Chinese Martial Arts Club’ principal instructor and author David Peterson demonstrates how to use one of Wing Chun’s lesser known defensive actions. Why should I use it? The ‘Soh Sau’ action (more commonly known in Wing Chun circles as ‘Gum Sau’) is an effective defensive action for controlling kicking attacks at both long and Read more..

“Get Out Of The Way, …And Make Them Pay”

The Street-Effective Footwork Of Wing Chun

by David Peterson

*** Published 'Fight Times' magazine (NZ), December/January (2001/2002)issue ***

Everyone knows how boring it is to practise footwork, but there isn’t a martial artist alive who could deny the importance of acquiring the skills involved. It doesn’t matter how fast or powerful your punches and kicks might be, without a delivery system, no striking technique, no matter how great it might be, is of Read more..

BIU JI: Ving Tsun’s Misunderstood Form

by David Peterson

*** The following article was first written in 1989 and was previously published within the pages of ‘Combat’ magazine (Vol.15/No.5) in the April 1989 issue as ‘BIU JI: Wing Chun’s Misunderstood Form’. It is reproduced here in an updated and expanded format - the Author ***

Of the three ving tsun “empty-hand” forms, the third one, ‘Biu Ji’, is the most misunderstood. It has been touted as a “deadly” form with which one can become invincible in combat. It has been said to have been so treasured by the ving tsun clan that it was rarely seen and never taught to Read more..