May 2013

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Counter for hook punches

Over the next few weeks I’ll extend the drills we’ve been working on to incorporate a wider variety of the most common types of attacks occurring in the streets of Melbourne. Your training to date has prepared you for what’s to come. Training will still be grouped into three distinct aspects of the WSLVT skill set with an emphasis Read more..

Chi Sau (vi) Gaan Sau

Training sessions over the last few weeks have covered three distinct aspects of the WSLVT skill set with an emphasis on speed and power: Chi Sau (core chi sau skills) Striking and mobility (pad, mitt work, 50-50 drills and responses to out of range attacks etc) Regaining squareness (when pushed or grabbed) The common thread through Read more..

Chi Sau (v) Laap sau (ii)

Training for 2013 kicked off with a flying start on January 8th. This has been the busiest start to a new year that I can remember. We’ve had an influx of new students along with the return of some familiar faces resulting in training sessions have been packed and pumping. The training agenda for 2013 Read more..

2012 Round up

The last few months of 2012 were packed with exciting events in the world of World of Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun (WSLVT) practitioners. The first ever worldwide gathering of the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun clan was held in Seremban Malaysia during October.  Seven instructors including; Wong Sifu’s son John Wong, John Smith, Li Read more..

Chi Sau (IV) Laap Sau

The intensity and scope of training increased during the last month; the intensity peaked with additional skill challenges being added as the level of fatigue increased. Everyone stepped up and improved their responses to attacks from “out-of-contact” range. After the peak in the intensity of training there was a period of consolidation. During this phase Read more..

Chi Sau (iii) Paak Sau Entry

I increased the intensity of training over the last few weeks. A new base level of intensity has been established with all drills being part of a circuit designed to improve your capacity to work all aspects of Ving Tsun at higher intensity levels. This type of training will improve your skills, increase the speed Read more..

Paak Sau

blog has been updated with a video on Paak Sau.

Chi Sau (ii)

blog has been updated with a second video on Chi Sau.

Chi Sau (i) Fundamentals

blog has been updated with a video on Chi Sau.

Single Hand Chi Sau

At the beginning of the month I deconstructed single hand Chi Sau (Dan Chi Sau). I broke the drill down into fundamental elements in order to improve everyone’s understanding of what they are doing and their execution of this fundamental drill.  I have worked on the connection between Chi Sau and the Siu Nim Tau Read more..