Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Counter for hook punches

Over the next few weeks I’ll extend the drills we’ve been working on to incorporate a wider variety of the most common types of attacks occurring in the streets of Melbourne. Your training to date has prepared you for what’s to come. Training will still be grouped into three distinct aspects of the WSLVT skill set with an emphasis on speed and power (via relaxation and explosive contractions):

  • Chi Sau (core chi sau skills expanded to increase speed and power & include a wider variety of options)
  • Striking and mobility (pad, mitt work, 50-50 drills and responses to out of range attacks etc.)
  • Regaining squareness (when pushed or grabbed)

Striking and mobility will have a focus on responding to the most common types of round/hooking punches. See the clip below for some tips on executing this skill.  Its important to start out slowly, perfecting your timing and angles before raising the intensity. The basis for your response has to be a well grounded counter-attack so there will be plenty of work on striking with power from the legs i.e. ground-power. As well as a lot of reaction drills to decrease your reaction time. 50-50 drills will continue to be a part of training. Make sure you match your partner’s timing so that you are forced to use the most direct response and improve your angles.

Over the next few weeks until the end of June I will continue to extend the variations to chi sau training to cover a wide range of this important skill-set. Some of these variations will take a number of weeks to absorb and even longer to perfect. Be sure to refer back to the earlier clips in the blog on some of the most important chi sau fundamentals. Also take the time to drill each variation with as many different partners as you can to ensure that you develop a higher level of competence.

Everything that we do for the next 6 weeks or so will prepare you for “Pressure Training” commencing in July, more on that later.