Chi Sau (iii) Paak Sau Entry

I increased the intensity of training over the last few weeks. A new base level of intensity has been established with all drills being part of a circuit designed to improve your capacity to work all aspects of Ving Tsun at higher intensity levels. This type of training will improve your skills, increase the speed of your reactions and test your determination .The current training template is the starting point for the next three months of training; I will continue to increase the intensity in waves with periods of consolidation as well.

Chi Sau

The clip below provides tips on the Paak Sau entry used in “rolling”. The keys to using this entry successfully are perfect timing and only using it when there is an opportunity to do so, don’t just try it because you want to. The progression for all chi sau training at the moment is: focus on perfecting poon sau, warm up with the drills from Chi Sau (I) Fundamentals and Chi Sau (ii) and then progress to entries that challenge your partner’s ability to respond to a committed attack. The Paak sau entry can be used as a model for attacks on the “inside”, experiment and adapt your attacks and responses to suit your skill level and your opponent.

When working with Pad’s and mitts strive to improve the quality for your strikes and efficiency of your footwork.  Then bring it all together when working on countering attacks from out of range.