In April Peter and Mark ran the classes whilst I was forced to take a break to have a couple of operations. Peter introduced power bands into the sessions he ran to aid in developing speed and power. I received very positive feedback on his sessions and innovative approach; well done Peter! Congratulations to Mark who stretched everyone with the addition of open drills such as “monkey line”.

The training sessions continued to focus on key Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) fundamentals

  • Structure,
  • Body unity,
  • development of relaxed power & power over a long bridge, and
  •  “springy energy”.

When I made a surprise visit to a class I could see that everyone had continued to improve key Ving Tsun attributes. There was a very noticeable increase in the sharpness of the skill execution.

Phase 1 of training for 2012 is now complete. The first four months of training have laid a solid foundation for the training that I will roll out over the remainder of the year, including “Pressure Training” to commence after June.

In May training will focus on Chi Sau, commencing with all the elements of single hand chi sau and building from there. Every aspect of Chi Sau will be drilled in detail until I start pressure Training”. By the end of this year’s “Chi Sau Odyssey” everyone who consistently attends training will have improved their skill level in this aspect of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) training well beyond where it is now. Make sure you attend training as regularly as you can over the next couple of months in order to take your chi sau to the next level.