General articles about Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun: when the “Wong Way” gets results!

By David Peterson (with thanks to Ernie Barrios & Kevin Bell)

*** This article was published in the USA-based ‘Masters’ magazine (Spring 2009 issue) under the title “Wing Chun: the Wong Shun Leung Way” ***

The southern Chinese combat system of wing chun (ving tsun) gung-fu, virtually unknown barely sixty years ago,is now popular throughout the world. There are a number of different interpretations of this system in existence, with various spellings of the name in English, but probably best known and most widely practised is the interpretation known as Read more..

Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Gung Fu

A Scientific Approach to Combat

by David Peterson

*** Published 'Fight Times' (formerly 'Australasian Martial Arts' magazine - NZ), October 2001 ***

Author’s Note: For those “in the know” in the world of ving tsun gung-fu (or wing chun gung-fu, the spelling variant by which this combat system is better known), the late Wong sifu is famous (or at least deserves to be) for two very good reasons, especially in Hong Kong where he was based until Read more..

Personal Protection

Concepts for survival in the street

by Andrew Williams, Rolf Clausnitzer and David Peterson

*** Published Australasian Martial Arts' magazine (NZ) Vol 6/issue 6, 1999/2000 and Vol 7/issue 1, Feb/March 2000 ***

Personal Protection is a relatively new phenomenon in the field of self defence. In fact, it represents a radical departure from the somewhat limited vision presented by most traditional self-defence systems. It is inspired by and based on two major influences: 1. The work done by two very respected and experienced (in terms of both Read more..

Ving Tsun By Definition

Getting It Right ...the “Wong Way”!!!

by David Peterson & Enzo Verratti

*** Published 'Martial Arts Legends - Wing Chun' magazine (USA) November 1998 ***

Editors note: The spelling “ving tsun” is the preferred way by which the late sifu Wong Shun Leung, chose to represent, in English, the name of the system he taught, which is otherwise known as “wing chun” in most other publications. The authors, being students of sifu Wong, have also adopted this spelling throughout the Read more..

What I Have Learnt Through “Beimo”

by Sifu Wong Shun Leung

*** Published 'Inside Kung-fu' magazine, Vol.22/No.2, Feb 1995 ***

The following article is a personal account of what the late Wing Chun master, sifu Wong Shun Leung felt were the main lessons he had learnt about combat through his experiences of “beimo” or skill comparison, a somewhat subtle way of naming the many full-on fights he had with practitioners of literally dozens of Chinese Read more..