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Biographical and Historical articles about Wing Chun Kung Fu and Wong Shun Leung

Wong Shun Leung: The Legend Behind the Legend

Recalling the Life of Bruce Lee’s Teacher

by David Peterson

*** Recalling the Life of Bruce Lee's Teacher - from 'Look Beyond the Pointing Finger: the Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung', September 2001. ***

January 28th 1997 was a very sad day for the martial arts, and indirectly, for fans of Hong Kong cinema, specifically, for fans of the legend that is Bruce Lee. On that day, wing chun kung-fu master, Sifu Wong Shun Leung, 61, teacher and friend of the late martial arts superstar, lost his fight for Read more..

Wing Chun History

An alternative viewpoint

by David Peterson

*** Published 'Australasian Martial Arts' magazine (NZ) Feb 1999. ***

With an almost monotonous regularity, readers of the many martial arts books, journals and magazines are constantly confronted by version after version of the “legendary history” of the various Chinese combat systems. Each tale seems to begin with some chance encounter between a warrior, monk, nun or peasant with an animal or insect engaged in Read more..

Wong Shun Leung, the Legend

By Cliff Au-yeung and Lewis Luk

Translated by Buick Yip and David Peterson

Preface Since Grand Master Ip Man began teaching the Ving Tsun style of Chinese martial arts in Hong Kong, his lineage has developed for over 50 years, and Ving Tsun has grown from relative obscurity in China, to a practical martial arts system renowned and practised throughout the world. As such, the achievements and influence Read more..

WONG SHUN LEUNG: Wing Chun Personified

Trained by the late grandmaster Yip Man, teacher to the great Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung is perhaps best-known as the wing chun man who routinely challenged anyone of any style and lived to tell about it.

by David Peterson

*** The following article was previously published within the pages of “Inside Kung-Fu” magazine (Vol.18/No.2) as ‘Wong Shun Leung: Wing Chun’s Living Legend’. It is reproduced here in its original form as a tribute to Sifu Wong, who passed away on January 28th 1997 - the Author. ***

Hong Kong-based Wing Chun instructor, Wong Shun Leung, has been called many things by people in the martial arts world. England’s ‘Fighters’ magazine called him, “…a communicator and teacher of Wing Chun par excellence”; Jesse Glover, the first American student of the late Bruce Lee, wrote in his book ‘Bruce Lee’s Non-Classical Gung Fu’ that Read more..