Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu

Ving Tsun is a fighting system requiring neither great strength nor great athletic ability. Instead the system uses your natural body structure to develop power, speed and efficiency. The basic philosophy of the system is as follows: if something requires excessive movement or effort, then don’t waste time practicing it, find a more practical method Read more..

The Wong Shun Leung Method

Sifu Wong believed in teaching his students to cope with ‘real-world’ situations. At Ving Tsun Combat Science (VTCS), we aim to continue Sifu Wong’s legacy. Our training is effective and direct, and prepares students for the harsh realities of physical violence. We do not spend hours punching the air, or engaging in make believe combat routines, but instead we train with partners, testing and refining techniques and principles.

Sifu Darren Elvey

My interest in Martials Arts began when I was 10 years old; a boxing coach visited my local youth club for a while and introduced me to the “sweet science.” I trained a few different martial arts throughout my teenage years searching for a practical fighting method that would be effective if I ever needed Read more..


All Ving Tsun Combat Science instructors are accredited through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, and have both first aid training and working with children certification.

Ving Tsun Combat Science is a member of Kung Fu Wushu Australia, the peak governing body for Kungfu in Australia.

You can find us and our instructors listed in their official Martial Arts Instructor Finder app, which is available for download at the link below.