This month I continued to emphasise structure, hip/elbow connection and timing. I also included training drills that develop striking power and striking power when your arms are extended (i.e. long-bridge power). In addition, I covered the fundamentals of Chi Sau with the emphasis on relaxed, fast reflexes, “springy-energy” and getting the most out of your stance and footwork during Chi Sau.

This month’s workshop was on the first half of the Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong) form. Once again I included a lot of drills and partner exercises and allowed plenty of time to experiment with application of what I covered. I also covered how the movements apply in the real world.  This meant that the workshop ended up taking two full training sessions to cover the first half of the form.  During the second session I spent a lot of time explaining how to capture someone’s timing and destroy their structure, including various uses of the po pai jeung action. There were a lot of “light-bulb” moments where things clicked and a new understanding of how to apply Ving Tsun concepts took root during these workshops.  I have received a lot of very positive feedback from everyone who attended and requests for more workshops on the forms.

Now I’ve covered all the concepts and forms to take everyone up to the intermediate stage of training. The rest of the year will involve training the concepts covered so far, further deepening your understanding and increasing your ability to apply them.


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