Welcome to my first post for 2012. This year the blog will have a different format. It will focus more closely on training that’s been happening at the club and be more of a reference tool for you and your training. This means that the blog will include a new feature; video content with an explanation of drills relevant to the training being done in the club at the time of the post.

If you want to improve your skills in relation to something we’ve worked on during the year you will be able to view it on the blog and refresh your memory. Be sure to check the blog at least once a month for additional content that you can use to help you with your training.

January Training

Training has been going very well this year so far. We have a few new members who have made a great start, whilst longer term members have progressed in their understanding and ability.

The focus of training during the month of January could be summed up as “structure”. We spent considerable time working on mobility and integrating the whole body into every action. I refer to this as the “hip/elbow connection”. This connection develops the ability to maintain structure when someone attempts to break it down and to develop power from any position as well as Ving Tsun’s unique “springy energy”.

On the last Thursday of this month I ran a workshop on Siu Nim Tau (SNT).  This workshop covered various aspects of the form;

  • developing structure and waist power,
  • applications of the actions in the second section of the form,
  • development of relaxed power & power over a long bridge, &
  • applications of the actions in the last section of the form

It is possible to improve your understanding of fundamental WSLVT concepts when you take the time to examine the forms at different stages of your training and a number of you picked up new insights into this form that some of you have been practising for a few years.

The workshop was so successful and well received that I am going to run a workshop on one of the forms on the last Thursday of each month in February and March. I will do another round of workshops on the forms later in the second half of this year. Stay tuned for Cham Kiu in February.