Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu

Ving Tsun is a fighting system requiring neither great strength nor great athletic ability. Instead the system uses your natural body structure to develop power, speed and efficiency.

The basic philosophy of the system is as follows: if something requires excessive movement or effort, then don’t waste time practicing it, find a more practical method and practise that.

Unlike many other martial-arts, Ving Tsun focuses on “In-fighting”. That is, close range combat, overwhelming the adversary at the first opportunity and rendering them unable to retaliate effectively. Of particular advantage to practitioners of this system is the ability to respond instinctively whenever one’s own limbs are obstructed, or in any way pressed, dragged or jammed-up by the opponent. This high-level skill is developed and enhanced through the training drill known as ‘Chi Sau’ (“sticky-hands”), and when trained to an advanced level, can even enable a Ving Tsun fighter to attack and control an opponent when the eyesight is obstructed. The hands literally learn to “think for themselves” further adding to the ability to work the “In-fighting” range effectively.

Ving Tsun also incorporates movements practiced on the ‘Muk Yan Jong’ (“wooden-man dummy”) and the two weapons forms of :

‘Luk Dim Boon Gwan’-”Six and a half point pole” form
‘Baat Jaam Do’-”eight slash knife” form.