Welcome to training in 2011

It has been quite a busy year so far with the commencement of training and quite a few new starters joining the club, David and Intan’s wedding and a flying visit from our favourite Illawarra native; John Smith.

Training so far this year

Training commenced on January 11. The focus has been on a few key aspects of Ving Tsun:

  • having a strong but mobile stance with footwork that enables you to respond to pressure with the minimum adjustment necessary,
  • light and fast hands,
  • Chi sau, and
  • Forms

The strong stance and mobile footwork encourages you to avoid using strength. It also provides you with the basis to use ground power and enables you to redirect an attack and counter from very close range with very fast hand techniques. For the rest of this month and April also the focus will be on a number of Ving Tsun fundamentals; core concepts, forms and chi sau. How this impacts on you will depend on your level of experience:

  • Newer students will get exposure to the most important aspects of the system
  • More experienced students will deepen their understanding and gain a new appreciation of the varied ways they can apply Ving Tsun’s core concepts

Later in the semester the emphasis will shift to chi sau for a while before we head into pressure training in July.

Key Dates for Semester 1

Tudik Raan seminar: March 18

Fee due dates: March 15, April 12, May 10, and June 7

Special event on Friday March 18th

Mannie De Matos will be conducting a Tudik Raan (Knife Response System) seminar at Studio B (our club) on Friday March 18th commencing at 6:00pm sharp. The seminar has NOT been organised specifically for us. There will be a number of people from various martial arts and security industry backgrounds in attendance. I do not teach knife defence, however, I encourage you to attend with an open mind and have your eyes opened to various aspects of facing an edged weapon. Mannie has visited the MCMAC in the past and his seminars are always entertaining and eye opening events. See the attached document for more information and get back to me quickly if you want to attend.

Border Incident 2 Date set (Friday September 30th – October 2nd)

The date has been set for Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2nd. The venue has yet to be finalised. We expect a fairly large gathering of in the vicinity of 100 WSL Ving Tsun practitioners from around Australia and overseas to attend. Training will commence at 9am on the Saturday and go until 4pm, recommencing on the Sunday at 10am until 2pm. At the moment we have five presenters lined up. The weekend will kick off at Studio B on Friday evening for a get to know you chat and chi sau etc, progressing to dinner somewhere for those who are interested. If you are on Facebook and have not joined the Border Incident 2 Group I suggest you do so you can keep up to date with what is being planned.

Social Saturday after training

While the weather is still good enough we are going to do a little of our training on Saturday on the roof top and finish up with some food and maybe a little liquid refreshment.