Update 3 for 2011

Welcome to the 3rd update for 2011

In this update:

  • Easter training,
  • Change in training times
  • Training themes for the next two months

April Training

Attendance has been impacted on by injuries, illnesses and study workloads. Some sessions have been fairly quiet and others have been very busy. There has been a noticeable improvement in everyone’s ability to execute fundamental Ving Tsun skills. I have continued to focus on a few key aspects of Ving Tsun:

  • having a strong but mobile stance with footwork that enables you to respond to pressure with the minimum adjustment necessary,
  • light and fast hands,
  • Chi sau,
  • Forms, and
  • Relaxed power

It has been very rewarding to watch you all improve your ability to develop “relaxed” power over the last two weeks. I will continue to include this in training right up to and including when I reintroduce pressure training later in the year.

For the rest April the focus will be on hip & elbow connection, chi sau and hitting with relaxed power. The recent emphasis on relaxed hitting and power generation is preparation for the chi sau training to follow in May and June.

The focus during May and June will shift to an emphasis on Chi Sau skills.

All aspects of chi sau will be covered over the next few weeks with the emphasis this time around being on relaxation, fast reflexes and “springy-energy”

Easter Break: The school will be closed for Easter Saturday, training will resume on Easter Tuesday.

Change in training times after Easter:

From Tuesday April 26 training will commence at 7:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturday training will continue to start at 1:00pm.

Blitz Articles

Two of the articles David and I wrote last year have been published. The second article is in the current issue of Blitz with the last article to come out in the next issue. I have also written an article for a special edition of the Magazine that is due to be published in May.

Joint training on Saturdays

Saturday training has been going well lately. Attendance has been good and the intensity of training has been high also. Hong Kong training on Saturdays makes it possible to spend time focussing on what you want to work on. It also provides seniors with an opportunity to work with the weapons.

An additional attraction to Saturday training is regular visits by Enzo Verratti and some of his students. They visited us recently and had such a good time that we’ve decided to make it a regular event on the first Saturday of each month. This provides everyone involved with the opportunity to train with someone unfamiliar and deal with the challenges that provides; the outcome being that students from both schools benefit and improve their skills in the longer term. There is also the possibility of some exciting cross training with Enzo. I will provide more on that later.

Border Incident 2 Date set (Friday September 30th – October 2nd)

Update regarding the Border Incident:

Venue; Melbourne University

Dates; Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2nd.

Times; Saturday 9:00am to 4pm, Sunday at 10am until 2pm.