Welcome to the Ving Tsun Combat Science Website

Ving Tsun Combat Science is a continuation of the Melbourne Chinese Martial Arts Club (MCMAC) now that MCMAC principal instructor David Peterson has moved to Malaysia. We provide Wing Chun classes in the Melbourne CBD based on the Wong Shun Leung Method. Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) is a simple, direct and efficient martial art that was made famous by Bruce Lee. He was taught by Wong Shun Leung and Yip Man. The purpose of VTCS is to teach effective self-defence skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that enables individuals to achieve their full potential. This website is currently being redeveloped; new features and content will be added over time. Read more..

Special Introductory Offer


You can do a trial lesson for just $20. If you qualify for our special introductory offer you can train for a whole week obligation free and without paying anything more. Read more..

The Wong Shun Leung Method


Sifu Wong believed in teaching his students to cope with 'real-world' situations. At Ving Tsun Combat Science (VTCS), we aim to continue Sifu Wong's legacy. Our training is effective and direct, and prepares students for the harsh realities of physical violence. We do not spend hours punching the air, or engaging in make believe combat routines, but instead we train with partners, testing and refining techniques and principles. Read more..